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Forklift Weighing System

Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

The Gold Award given by ITEX2010, 21st International Invention, Innovation And Technology Exhibition

Weighing Solutions

Weighing System Field Loading Sensitivity and Accuracy Test

Sensitivity test - Able to detect even 1 kg of load change on a test load of 2,000kg.
Accuracy test - With respect to loading at different position; (close to tip-end and near to the elbow of forks)
Accuracy test - With respect to mast of forklift tilted as different angles.

Innovative modular latch-on design with no modification needed on existing forklift.

Field impact performance test
Head on impact test on two (200L) drums full of water was conducted to test the accuracy of the weighing system before and after impact. This simulation shows that this weighing system was design to perform well even in harsh industrial environments.

A forklift installed with SEKO brand forklift scale.
The weight of the pallet, 1087 kg, can be read directly when it was lifted
The pallet was unlifted and the forklift reversed to a distance of 40 metres
A piece of wood was place in front of the pallet

Forklift scale shows no variation between load at fork front and fork rear.
Weighing load at the forks front is 1,087kg, Later release the load and forklift move forward to weigh at the forks rear, the reading remains as 1,087kg. This shows no variation between load at the fork front and the forks rear. The accuracy can be maintained permanently without adjustment required. This forklift scale replaced the flexure with the solid mechanical linkage.

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